Dual Sense controller update

Kid Ghostly

New member
Sep 13, 2023
My PS5 controller is now useless because I can't update the firmware. The usb-c port broke fairly soon after purchase. The controller wasn't dropped or thrown, and generally taken care of. However the flimsy port broke a piece while using the provided charging cable, so now I can no longer plug it in.

I've still managed to use it by using a charging station and just clicking notify later every day when I get the update notification. However, with the latest update, my options are only to update (which I can't do since it has to be connected via usb) or turn off the controller. I can no longer skip the update, rendering this controller useless.

I didn't complain or make a fuss about the cheap controller breaking so soon from normal use, but this is now just ridiculous. Unrelated, but I also recently got screwed out of a $50 gift card that wouldn't redeem properly and was refused a refund even after providing proof of possessing the gift card. After that incident and now this, I'm no longer interested in purchasing Sony products. I'm canceling my subscription.