PS5 Dual Sense Controller Problem, Help?


New member
Oct 6, 2022
I play Sims A LOT! I have 2 controllers. One of my controllers suddenly started operating oddly. I would move the cursor down to highlight an item, say the refrigerator so my Sim can cook. The cursor would go against the drag and pull up. Almost like if I were to take a rope and start dragging it in a direction and someone grabbed the other end and started pulling it in the opposite direction. I switched to the other controller and it works perfectly fine. It does not seem like a drift. My son keeps saying rubber banding. It doesn't seem like that either, but I may not understand what that actually means in the sense of gaming. Would resetting my controller fix this issue or do I need to buy a new one already? It's been less than a year. And no, I did not get warranties on the controllers, just the unit. I'm currently regretting that decision. lol