PS4 DS4 controller disconnects after starting a game


New member
Apr 25, 2022
My DS4 controller works fine in the system menus, but whenever I load a game, after a second or two I get a notification that the controller is disconnected. The light stays on as if it's still connected, but occasionally there's a clicking/buzzing sound coming from the speaker.

It also disconnects if I try to alter the controllers speaker volume in the settings, so I'm assuming it's an issue with the speaker, but cant determine why?

I have tested the controller on both my ps4 and a friends so I'm assuming it's just a controller issue.

The controller has been reset with the button on the back multiple times, which seems to have no effect. It's only a 4 months old so shouldn't be down to ware and tear.

Any help would be most appreciated, as it's my only controller and I just purchased Horizon forbidden west and haven't been able to play it :(