PS4 Dreaded "Other Folder"

John Vezirian

New member
Oct 17, 2020
Ok here goes.

I have been searching the web, forums and such for the magical answer because some one has to have resolved this. There are so many opinions and other thoughts.

Ok when I review my drives in settings, I am sure all have seen the Dreaded "Other" folder at the end of the list. On my PS4 it is 75GB in size. Recently down from 150GB in size. I have heard it is everything from a system folder, bad downloads, program saves, frozen downloads, updates, and such, including the system software.

Here is the thing, if this is true, and related to the system. Then why do I have this same folder on my extended storage drive (This is Drive 1)? Much of my games are all on this drive, there is no operating system on this drive. This is an 8TB drive, and there is no system software on this drive, just games, and get this. The "Other file is 255.5GB in size.

Here is another curve for you all. I have not one but two 8TB Drives, the first (Drive 1) is 200GB shy of filled, the other (I label as Drive 2) has 2.5TB filled on it (yes games) and it has the exact same 255.5GB "Other" folder.

I have been trying to track this down. On my primary drive on the PS4, I think it may contain the "System Storage Exclusive Data" files which range from 500mb to a whopping 52.5GB (for Call of duty WWII).. But these can be deleted, and it did not change the size of the 75.5GB "Other' file, so these files are obviously noy in there, and there are none of these exclusive data files on the other two drives.

This is just nuts,. Hell on the PS4 I have no real big issue (well I do but not as much) but come on, 255.5GB on the storage drives. Someone said bad sectors.. But come on 255.5GB bad sector on both extended drives?