PS5 Downloading PS4 Game Saves to PS5 - When is a Fix Planned


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Jul 14, 2021
Bought the PS5
Tried saving my PS4 data to a HDD (Seagate 6TB) can't do that need USB 3.0 and at least 2 TB,
OK, not to worry, have PS+ Cloud saves and buy USB 3.0 cable €20 and will try on PS5
Wipe PS4 and set up PS5
Try to set up Seagate 6 TB with 3.0 cable on PS5 - no go. Need a HDD connected etc etc
Try to d\load PS4 saved data to PS5 console but PS+ subs has expired. Have to renew to access my data.
Renew subs. (28.98 spent so far to get my data and no further forward)
Try to download PS4 Cloud saves to PS5 storage and get NP-103085-7 error
Find alt 2TB HDD and use purchased 3.0 cable - format success. Perfect.
Try to d\load PS4 saved data to formatted Toshiba HDD and get NP-103085-7 again.

Apparently even if I had managed to save my PS4 data to the HDD it crashes when loading on the PS5.

When will this issue be addressed so there is no unnecessary expenditure?
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