PS1 Does anyone remember this game? I can’t place the name.


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Apr 26, 2022
I’m going from forum to forum to try and find a game because not being able to remember it is driving me nuts.

Back when I was a kid in the late 2000s and early 2010s, I really enjoyed playing games on my Play Station 2 and other devices that I received for Christmas. I had a lot of old Play Station 1 games that still worked on the PS2, but about half of them wouldn’t save. This game that I’ve been trying to find could be for PS2, but I’m HIGHLY certain that it was a PS1 game since it couldn’t save to the memory card and I would leave the console running for days to weeks at a time until one of my relatives always turned it off and I had to start all over.

I never had the case to this game. The disc was silver and had holographic and silver designs of the characters on it. This could be a red herring, but I think there was a rabbit on it, but it could just be my childhood memory confusing it with something else. I also think some of the designs were clocks.

The gameplay was based on sprites from what I remember. I don’t remember how pixelated they were, but they were at least a little bit unless I’m completely wrong. There may have been slight anime/eastern influence, but every time I mention that, people seem to gravitate towards other games that are full 3D model anime games and ignore the other details I provide, so please take that influence with a grain of salt.

Your character could battle creatures/monsters and there was a tavern and other places that you could frequent.

You started the game by customizing your character. I remember there being weapons, so keep in mind that choosing a weapon could have been an opening thing. I don’t remember ever picking up weapons later unless they were better weapons that were dropped during fights, but even then I mostly remember items being collected.

Personally, I always chose to make a female character with a staff. The staff I remember was gold with a red orb on the top of it, and I think I had to battle a snake with it early on in the game. There was definitely a snake-like opponent.

Your character lives in a cottage. You could go inside the cottage or go outside, but if you went so far, you’d travel into the next area.

I never got to save the game so I never got that far. But a story point that I 1000% remember was there were two little kids. A boy and a girl. I’m pretty sure that the girl was older. They were orphans and they become your companions because they have nowhere else to go, and you can invite them to stay in the cottage or something so they don’t go homeless.

The sets outside of the cottage and the tavern that I remember is one of the first battles is in a green field with like a hill/ledge/cliff going upwards to the right side of the screen. You may have had to climb it or it may have been a barrier. I don’t remember exactly. There was also a world that has like a purplish scape to it. Could have been bluer, but I remember it as purple so that’s the best I can give you.

If anyone has any clue, please share what you know. I’ve been looking for years, and it would be satisfying to know what it was. I lost the disc mysteriously at one point and never saw it again, so this has been on my mind for time.
Games that come to mind:

Alice & Wonderland (Rabbit, Clocks, Green Grass, Cottage, Weapons, & Monsters)
Clock Tower
Fable 1 Or 2
Harry Potter
Diablo 1 Or 2
War Craft 1 Or 2
One Of The Final Fantasy Games
Or One Of The Top Down Fantasy RPG Games

I honestly don't know the Game...