PS4 Destiny Witch Queen DLC purchased but not working.


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Jul 29, 2022
I purchased the standard destiny witch queen dlc. A week later the deluxe went on sale for same price. I called PlayStation and they had me buy and install the deluxe first then they refunded my money for the standard. While purchasing the deluxe it asked if I wanted to download, then gave me two versions I could download but they had identical names “witch queen deluxe”. I tried the first and it said something about the content already exist. Then I tried the second and it downloaded fine. That day I had the dlc working fine and i had the new deluxe content.

The next day, the game tells me I don’t have the witch queen content installed. It’s almost as though there are two versions of the deluxe and what I downloaded and installed only gave me the extras and did not include the base dlc content. So when the base content refund process, it was removed. If I go to the Psn store it shows I have the deluxe purchased but oddly still alows me to purchase the witch queen standard. If I have deluxe I should not be able to purchase the standard correct?
I call PlayStation, wait for 45 minutes to talk to someone, they troubleshoot, then want to send me to hardware. I told her it’s not a hardware issue. She said maybe but they can do more on their end than she could, as she was limited. Ok, I get transferred and the hardware rep tells me there is nothing he can really do, that he can only help me with hardware related issue. He suggest putting me in the que of the original department and hope to get a better rep. I get disconnected somehow. I call back and now their messaging system says due to high number of calls they are not accepting any addition calls at this time.

So now I am here trying to figure out the best way to handle this. Any suggestions? Can they just remove the dlc all together and l repurchase?