PS5 controller connectivity issue


New member
Apr 3, 2022
My controllers are having an issue connecting with the PS5. It will work fine for about 4-5 days, then when I push the PS button to turn on the controller/system the lights on the controller will just blink blue for about a minute then turn off. Same thing if its connected with the usb cable. Ill basically have to turn on the PS5 manually, then hold the power button to turn it fully off(usually leave it in rest mode so it can do any updates if needed) then once I turn it back on controllers are working and connecting fine. Except I have to do this every 4-5 days or so.

Ive tried buying a second controller to see if it was an issue with the controller that came with the PS5 but having the same problem. And there's nothing in between the PS5 and controllers that would affect the connectivity.

Any advice on how to fix this?
Have you updated the controller’s firmware? A new version was released recently.
Have you updated the PS5’s software?
Yes, when I go under systems in settings it says its all up to date. and when I plugged in both controllers to charge they updated as soon as they were connected via usb
Thanks. Have you reset the controllers via the little hole - insert something thin & press? Then reconnect the controller.