PS4 Connectivity issue w/ wired connection.


New member
Apr 6, 2022
I’ve been having some major connectivity issues and am trying to troubleshoot myself.
So for starters, my PS4 will not even connect via WiFi currently. After entering the password for my network, it will check network environment for a few, then will bring me to the proxy server prompt. If I selected I not use it won’t allow me to continue to connect and selecting use yields the same result.

I’ve been using a wired connection, but even that is giving me MAJOR issues. It drops completely once every few minutes.

My ISP is Comcast xfinity, I should be getting speeds up to 1000mbps, but my speeds will fluctuate from about 140 at the highest and into the mid 20’s.

I do play a bit of Fortnite (long distance with friends etc) and have found that when my internet starts lagging in game and I’m essentially frozen in place, if I can get to the main menu>settings>network>test connection, it will reconnect me and allow me to continue playing. The internet dropping issue effects other games as well as party chat.

Again, this is all over a wired connection.

I’ve tried factory resetting. That hasn’t solved it.

Could it be a hardware issue? Is there anything I can try in a DIY manner that might fix it (disassemble and air dust the interior? Anything?)?

Thanks for any help you can provide!