PS5 Christmas 2020


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Dec 10, 2020
Our children have met challenge after challenge this year; school canceled, sports activities canceled, camp canceled, birthdays canceled. They have learned to deal with loss; the loss of family members, beloved teachers, neighbors, the parish priest.

Yet, they never lost HOPE and with the worst year in their short memory coming to a close, you have chosen to deal the final blow.

Parents cringed when they explained to their children that a drive-by birthday would be just as FUN as a day at the trampoline park and that camp would be BETTER next year because they had an extra year to prepare!

Children remained resilient and so, they soldiered on. HOPE for goods things remained, CHRISTMAS was coming!

Who are your marketing people? Do they have souls? You own this data set, did you not know what the demand for a new PS console would bring? The truth is, YOU DID KNOW and instead of making countless children happy, you chose to create a stressful frenzy amidst a global pandemic! WELL DONE!

As we approach Christmas morning, for one last time during this awful and unprecedented year, parents will witness tears well up in their children’s eyes, as Playstation deals the FINAL BLOW.

Santa has disappointed them and that short, sweet, magical time when children believe that their parents can do anything ends entirely too soon.

There's only so much Sony can do to prevent scalpers from buying up all the PS5 stock. And to be honest, given how profitable it is to resell these consoles, I don't really blame the scalpers either. Lots of people lost their jobs this year and need extra income to put food on the table.