Changing the PS3 hard drive


New member
Sep 13, 2020
Hey; My ps3's HDD recently needed changing, I need the v.4.86 update but I haven't any way of getting it myself. I am asking for a memory stick with the update installed on it - I will pay for it, as long as the price is reasonable.
I have already tried that; what? You assume that I'm an IDIOT or something? I don't ask for help! I try EVERYTHING I can BEFORE asking! But I am financially strapped, my laptop's toast, my phone won't transfer files, I have no internet access beyond this STUPIDphone, and I am SEVEN WEEKS frustrated trying to fix this SIMPLE goddamned issue!!!!! Either say you can help, or just ignore my post! STOP WASTING MY LIFE WITH INANE CLAPTRAP!
Tbf, he did not know what options you had tried, he was only making a suggestion.

No need for the abuse. I've got problems with my own ps3 but I don't give stick to posters who are only trying to help.