PS4 CE-34878-0 Have I confused my PS4?


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Apr 24, 2024
Hello, I'm receiving the common CE-34878-0 error almost instantly now when I launch Fallout 4.

Why I think it's my fault is this.

I had Only Fallout 4, then the add-ons were on sale so I bought them all, in the process I also bought the GOTY Edition of F4 which is the same content, just bundled.

I've been through everything, even initializing the system.
I also transferred my saves online and tried deleting non-game save setting files for them to be repopulate automatically.

I'm thinking maybe there is a glitch because I accidently bought a few bucks too much of stuff.

That's where I at here. I got nothin' folks.

Thank you in advance for any and all information you may be able to provide. I promise to update as I go and I super promise to make a final post if/when I find a fix for this.

I'm going to try leaving my saves in the cloud after this next install and see how the little guy acts with only a new game file to create.

Edit: Just tried it without any saved games to access and it still crashes, right as you see the workshop at the first screen.

Second edit 12:15 EST: I noticed after deleting F4 and looking at the add-ons leftover, I selected one and chose 'run', it said, and 'to run this file, please insert SKYRIM disc' or something like that. What!? Makes some sense.

So I backed up my saves from Skyrim and deleted everything.

So far my clean reinstall of Fallout 4 seems to be doing the download/install in a different order and it's a bit quicker installing.
Update soon.

Third edit: 12:47 EST

NOPE! Same problem, CE-34878-0.

I guess that will teach me to buy things from Sony.
That was a fun game too. I spent a lot of time paying it.

Any ideas are still appreciated, I'm just out of my own for now.
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It never got fixed. I thought the new patch would help, no go.
I ended up just getting a refund for what I purchased and won't be buying anything from them anymore.

Back to PC gaming. At least I can work through some issues on my own that way.