Caught a ddoser!!


New member
Sep 3, 2020
If everyone could please give me a second of your time that would be amazing. Im sure plenty of people on these forums are aware of what ddosing is. I play alot of destiny 2 on ps4 and lately ive been getting ddosed alot. Ive yet to encounter anyone to actually admit they are ddosers but 2 days ago it finally happened. If anyone is friends with/has played with a user under the gamer tag “ DeMeNtEdLAWyur “ please report him for ddosing. He has done this to me 3 times in the past couple days as he accuses me of cheating (i dont cheat i just happen to be pretty good at the game). I would really appreciate the help, and if we can get this account banned so he may no longer perform this illegal act that would be amazing. Thankyou for your time. And if any psn employees see this please take action ASAP.