PS5 Can't transfer PS4 data to PS5 using USB.


New member
Oct 31, 2021
Can anyone help ? I've just purchased a SanDisk 512gb usb stick with a view to copying PS4 data onto the stick and from there to my new PS5 slim. But pretty soon I ran into problems. I thought I had to format the disk as extended storage before transferring data but after I did just that the PS4 told me that it couldn't transfer the data as the disk was formatted as extended storage. So I re-formatted the disk as exFAT as instructed. I was then able to transfer the data to the USB stick. But when I tried to transfer the data to the PS5 and followed procedure I was met with a message which said 'Your saved data will appear here.' I sat there for half and hour and nothing changed. So, where is my saved data and why won't it appear on the PS5 so that I can then copy it to the new console ??