Can't recover my last recent PS4 ID (name/tag)


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Mar 27, 2022
Hi there,

After installing a new hard drive in my PS4 I tried to sign in. I don't remember what email I set it up with so I enter my hotmail account. It brought up the old account I had in my PS3 that has a ID "Abilan17". Then I signed out. I signed in again with my gmail account. It brought up an old account that has ID "Abilan_17". The last ID I have is "Abilan17-17" but I guess I didn't use my gmail account or my hotmail account. I have a yahoo account but I already check and I didn't find any playstation messages in the account. I don't have a AOL account and I don't remember me using any other account.

Could it be that the old account "Abilan_17" merged into the new account "Abilan17-17"? I read online that they can't merged.

If it is that I used a different email account that I don't even remember I have, is there any way to contact support and give them all the information I have in my old accounts so the can see is really me and help me? I really don't want to loose all I have already achieved.

Is there any way to reverse what ever I did or something. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestion will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much for your valuable time,