PS4 Can't Load my Skyrim save


New member
Nov 14, 2021
I recently bought the Skyrim 10th Anniversary upgrade and I played with the content for a bit but then it started saying I needed to delete video clips larger than 0KB for it to autosave or me to quicksave or manual save so I deleted all my clips and it auto saved once, then that message kept popping up on my screen saying I need to delete applications on my system storage even though I have 368 GigaBytes of free space on my system storage, so I was like whatever and kept playing then overrode one of my previous saves now I'm trying to log in and do other stuff but it says in-game Save/Load operation failed, so if someone could help me figure this out that would be amazing!
I have same issue also the PS network is where I purchased it from and then I was logged out of my account and because I don't have access to my old email associated with psn account I can't even get back online. It's honestly ruined the game for me.. I've emailed them to help me recover or combine two accounts ( I made new one trying to get it to work) and so far I've gotten no response