PS4 Can't get my pre-order DLC after closing the PSN before confirming the order


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Sep 13, 2021
Hi there,
I've got Tales of Arise preorder DLC code for my PS4 copy (which still didn't arrived),
Before I've put the code I've got the PSN's "infinite load screen" which happens from time to time so I had to press the PS button to go back to main dashboard and back into the PSN store,

After inputing the code it sent me to the confirmed order page, and when I've pressed continue it did the darn infinite load screen again, so I had to press PS button and when I went back to the PSN it reset the app and there's no mention of my DLC download ;/

It not in the downloads tab, and the code not working anyone,
I recall I had issues like that some years ago (even on my PS3 days) and I always somehow solved it by find find the order/cart and tell the PSN to download it,
But I don't recall wth I did back then and can't seem to find it now,

Is there any way to find that DLC order somehow in the PSN or it's doomed forever now?
Will inserting the game's disk when it arrived going make it show up again (as it not presents in the PSN at all cause it's pre-order only for now)?

Thanks in advance for the help
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