PS5 Can't download games to a formatted hard drive


New member
Jul 12, 2023
I recently took my 2tb external drive from by ps4 to my ps5 and I formatted it to get a clean slate to download stuff to it
After doing that, I can no longer download all of those games i had on there because it says I need to connect the drive it is on, but I wiped that drive. this is for all of the games I had on that drive, and none of them are letting me download it.
can someone help me fix this?
Did you format the drive on the PS5?
If you reconnect the drive to the PS4 does it show?
Was the drive purchased as external or is it an internal drive which has been placed in a drive caddy?
Yes, I formatted the drive on my PS5.
No, if I reconnect the drive to my PS4 it does not show, as it was formatted.
it was purchased as an external drive
If you format the drive on the PS4 again does it show? to double check that you’re trying to download your PS4 games onto the drive & not PS5 game?
Is the drive USB2 or USB3/3.1? The drive has to be high speed for use with PS5 so USB3/3.1 is needed. These have a blue USB connector.
After formatting on the PS5 does the drive show as connected under storage? I take it that it doesn’t.
Are you connecting the drive to the back ports or front port? It should be connected to the rear USB port.
Ensure the drive has been formatted to ExFAT or FAT32. If needed you can do this on a PC.