Cannot transfer data.


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Oct 31, 2021
I recently bought a PS5 Slim and after setting the console up I tried to transfer all saved games and data from my PS4 to my new PS5......and that's when the nightmare started.
I followed all the necessary steps until I saw a message which read 'Can't transfer data from a console that you haven't signed into. Create a user on your other console, sign in to your account and then try the data transfer again'.
Thing is, I was already signed in on my PS4.
So I thought that maybe I needed to sign out and then sign back in again. So I tried that and that's when I noticed that the e-mail address on my PS4 was an old and rarely used Yahoo address and not my usual gmail address. So I changed the Yahoo address for the gmail and entered my password. I was then told that my password was invalid/wrong. I pressed triangle ('can't sign in' button) and received a mobile (cell phone) phone verification code. I entered the code and then instead of everything now working the way it should a message appeared which read 'Cannot sign in using another player's sign-in ID.'
After that, I couldn't sign in to my PS4.
So, I changed back to the older Yahoo e-mail address, changed the password (via another verification code) and I was then able to sign in again to my PS4.
But when I tried to transfer the data from the PS4 to the PS5 again I was met with the same 'Can't transfer data from a console that you haven't signed into.' message even though I'm already signed in to both consoles.
Could the problem be caused because the PS5 has my gmail address and my PS4 has my Yahoo address ? Bear in mind that when I tried to make both consoles have the same e-mail address I was met with the message ''Can't transfer data from a console that you haven't signed into.'
Anyone any ideas ?