Cannot connect to headphones with bluetooth


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Jan 3, 2024

I bought headphones from the brand 'House Of Marly'. The model is the 'Positive vibration XL. The problem is that I can't connect to my PS5 with bluetooth 5.0. Can someone please help me?
I believe the PS Bluetooth is only for PS peripherals like DualSense & their own headphones. Third party headphones aren’t supported.
There’s some suggestion that purchasing a BT USB dongle is a workaround though.

I bought a USB Bluetooth dongle, but I have no idea how to connect it to my headphones. Can you help me with instructions please?
Does the dongle have any sync/connect/pairing button? If not then it isn’t audio compatible. The dongle needs to be a transmitter.
What’s the make & model of the dongle?
It has no button. That could be the problem.

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Does that have a connect button? I can’t see one. Seems more for PC rather than consoles.
You require one like this:
Hi, there is no paring button on my stick indeed.

I can open your link or picture or ...
Weird. It is a link to the Amazon site showing the dongle you require.
Search for PS5 wireless transmitter. Ensure it has the connect button. If they’re for the console then it should. It also needs to be audio.
This is the U.K. site so may need to check for the same or similar in your Country’s Amazon store.
It may be on the side or end.
If it says PS5 compatible then it should be fine. You can always return it if it doesn’t work. There are other adapters there too.
I'm going to order one and try it. I'll give you some feedback. Thanks for the support.