Can I purchase RDR1 for PS3 from PSN and play it on RPCS3?


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May 3, 2021
How to buy on foreign Playstation Stores?

On Playstation, it is possible to buy dematerialized games on foreign stores which can sometimes have more advantageous prices than the French store.

Discover through this tutorial how to buy your PS4 games on foreign stores.

For this tutorial, we'll imagine we want to buy a game from the Canadian Playstation Store, for example.

1 - Create a foreign PSN account

Unlike the Xbox, you must have a PSN account in the country where you want to buy a game.

So, on your PS4:

1-Create a new account (with a different email address than that of your French account).

2-During creation, specify the country for which you want an account (Canada in our case) then the language "English".

3-For your address, use a real country address (here, we will type the address of a hotel in Canada for example).

4-You will then need to validate your e-mail address (a link will be sent to the e-mail address provided).

5-Answer yes to the question "Is this account the main account of your console": don't panic, a console can have several main accounts.

In short, consult the site for more information.