PS5 Buying games


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Nov 14, 2023
Hello. I have no idea about PS in general, but was thingking of buing for my kids. Question: I live in Brasil, but will buy a PS5 in Norway, can I then buy games in whatever country and use on my PS5, or is there some kind of different world zones that can give me problems. Guessing when its download, there is no problem?
The Playstation Network account you will buy games under need a region to be selected, and you can't change this region later. So make a good choice when creating it.

Buy the PS5 in Norway, make your account in Brasil.

Other than that, it shouldn't be any issues. There is no checking if the system is actually located in that region when using it, as far as I have noticed.

PS: Don't forget to check the power input is compatible between Norway and Brasil also ;)