PS4 Bought used ps4


New member
Aug 20, 2023
My daughter took our ps4 to college recently and so I bought a used ps4 for myself this morning. There's still games on it. I just don't know how the accounts work. Doesn't appear the person I bought the console from did a reset. There's still games on it and like their user name. What do I need to do to make it completely my own...and do I need to sign up for a second psn account?
You can go to Settings>Initialisation>Restore default settings this should clear everything off the PS4 so you can sign in with your own account or create a new one. If your daughter is using your account & not her own then that device will be the primary PS4 so you may wish to create a new account but you’d not have any digitally purchased games. You could also create a secondary account under the main account & use that.