PS4 Bless Unleashed


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Aug 2, 2021
Greetings ppl
I need assist ASAP!! A few months ago I downloaded Bless Unleashed(the free Ver.) thru my PS4 console. I'm currently @ lvl 24 ( having just acquired that about 2 hrs ago) Anyways I need some help. The main issue is this, all my current equipment and weapons are either ready for an major upgrade or soon will be. The problem is that I can't seem to locate a Master enhancer specialist anywhere and none of the common enhancers can't or are unable to do it. Everytime I visit one of these I get a msg saying I don't have the mat'l need but my inv says I have like 5 of the weapon upgrade stones,etc. So where in the game does one even find a master enhancer and where r they located? I've chk all the major cities and the only ones I was able to find were the common enhancers. P.S. any place (online etc) to find either a complete game walkthru or game maps for download?
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