Blank Black screen on monitor when connected to PS4 slim


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Apr 1, 2024
ST2320L has no picture, only a blank black screen when connected to the PS4 Slim using HDMI cable. But PS4 Slim works on other devices (Optix Mag 241C monitor and Sony Bravia TV). The Dell ST2320L monitor works on a laptopwhen connected using HDMI cable. Just the PS4 Slim and ST2320L do not work together.

Things i have tried:

1)Different HDMI cables.

2)Changing the resolution in safe mode.

3)Power cycle PS4

4)Unchecking HDCP.
I would also check the Monitor’s input settings to ensure it on the correct one. Many monitors have more than one HDMI port.
It was working completely fine like a week ago. Have been using the same monitor and HDMI cable for connecting to ps4 slim for 4 years never had this problem but suddenly encountered this problem a week ago.
Have you tried turning the PS4 completely off by long pressing the button, disconnecting the HDMI, turning off the monitor & removing the HDMI from that, unplugging both & leaving it for 10 minutes & then reconnecting everything?
yes, i completely removed all the cable for a night then tried still no luck
Thanks. Unless the monitor’s resolution has changed somehow or the monitor is on the wrong input (the monitor has several judging from the manual) then I’m out of options.