PS4 Black ops cold war freezes at loading screen over red phone


New member
Dec 5, 2020
The game freezes in the intro screen and I have been un able to play thus far. It loads through the opening sequence of developing houses and begins to pan into the Red phone but stops and freezes there indefinitely. I intro music is still playing but the game never loads to the menu. When I attempt to close the application it freezes the entire console.

Ive tried a number of trouble shooting steps already, I have Shut down disconnecting the power to clear the cache, verified updates are complete for both the game and system, i've deleted save data manually and rebooted, I've deleted the software and redownloaded several times
i've rebuild the database in safe mode and forced an update through safe mode, I've even re-initialized my ps4 and re-downloaded the game.
I've reloaded the OS from a jump drive and re-downloaded everything. I've changed the hard drive and re-loaded the OS and game. None of this has remedied the situation.

I've gotten two different error codes through this process CE-34878-0 and CE-36329-3
though often it simply freezes at the loading screen with no error until I attempt to close the application. Then it either gives me one of these error codes or freezes the entire system forcing a manual hard reboot. All other games play with no issue and I purchased the console brand new two weeks ago.
Have you solved this problem? I have the same problem and i tried everything.