Beware buying PSN Store cards in a foreign country


New member
Oct 2, 2021
I recently moved from Canada to Mexico and for some reason (which appears unrelated, as many complain about this) neither my saved cards nor my PayPal account (all of which work perfectly wether in stores or online here) do work on Playstation Store.

I tried - as also many ended up doing this from what I read on different forums - to buy 2 cards here in Mexico, which are in US Dollars, from a convenient store. When I tried to enter the cards in Playstation Store, after scratching the code of one, it was refused because it was a different region.

I tried the chat of SONY PSN, wasted over an hour, escalated to a manager. NO WAY SONY would recognize its paternity and take responsibility - which would have been so easy (we are in 2021, not in 1970....), perhaps to give me an equivalent credit or whatever. No. A big ''we're sorry for the inconvenience'' was the only thing I had.

Try to imagine returning to a convenience store with an ''open'' card... So wasted USD $40. on cards which I'll end up giving to Mexicans as a gift.

SO : whenever you read as a turnaround to credit cards no longer working (which in itself is also a damn ridiculous bug which lasted for years - I also had the problem once in a while when in Canada, so no excuse that I'm abroad) - to go for PS Store cards, make sure you are in the same country as your originally created account. Because SONY will not help you with your purchase. Not at all.