PS3 Backup restore

Miguel Brochu

New member
Jul 23, 2023
Hey guys im new to the community

I have just purchased a CECH-2501A ps3 slim with Evilnat CFW running 4.90. i have webman, appolo save tool set and multiman installed all by the guy i got it off ove. I have a old PS3 backup from my CECH-3001B that was running Official firmware, i was wondering if i went to restore the old backup using an external harddrive that the backup was put on if it would overwrite my CFW with the previous OFW. I cannot use the data utility back up method with ethernet cable between consoles since my other one died from a bad deliding process. Will this brick my console? Will i be fine? Or will just have to reinstall the jailbreak. Thank you very much guys. I have over 10 years of data on that old drive. I still have the ps3 drive with me as well but cant seem to do anything with it. Many thanks
PS3 Slim firmware is stored on the eMMC (embedded Multimedia Card) soldered to the motherboard. If you are only restoring the old PS3's software, the restore should not overwrite firmware because the two are stored on different media.