PS4 audio not switching


New member
Nov 26, 2021
bought my ps4 pro 6/2020. steel series 7 headset.

it worked fine till about 6months ago. then the feature to auto switch from tv - headset stopped working. as long as the usb dongle for my wireless headset is plugged in, i had to go into setting and manually switch from my headset to tv. it would not switch between them when i turned the headset on/off.
this morning that even stopped working. with my headset off, and the dongle plugged in, i switched from sending audio to headset to sending to tv. it would not send the audio unless i unplugged the dongle. if i plug it in, it automatically switches back. even with the auto switch option unchecked.

i have already spent a number of days on this original issue about 5 months ago and PS tech support said that the problem is i am not using an "official PS headset" i have tried 2 turtle beach, steel series, and 2 other brands. they all have the same issue. i reinitialized it, all software on headset and system is up to date. same issue regardless of if i use soundbar or tv for audio (for the tv setting).