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Jul 24, 2021
Hi I was wondering is there anyway I could get my suspension lifted? You see, I got signed out of my account out of nowhere at 1 AM and I haven't messaged nor bothered anyone since my last suspension and I already served it as well I feel like someone is reporting my account for fun and abusing the report feature because they simply don't like seeing me online considering I bought so many things with my account. I have a strong sense that someone is trying to simply ban me by reporting my old messages and simply abusing the report button I did my suspension not too long ago probably like a week ago now also everything is public on my psn account so they most likely seen me online and reported my old messages, once again I'm just very upset because whoever is doing this doesn't want me on playstation anymore I didn't do anything wrong. Is there anyway I can do anything about this? Can I report them back for reporting me?? and get my suspension lifted?. I feel like it's not fair to me because I did my suspension I mean... I haven't bothered anyone plus I'm not the one that's bothering them they're bothering me whoever it is and that is my reason for my past suspensions because they came onto me first I don't know why people are like this.. I'm just trying to Play my ps4 and not bother anyone anymore because I've learned my lesson I don't see why I need to get suspended again if the messages are old during the time I served my suspension. I just hope theres a way to fix this. I never really been on a forum before so... I'm just wondering if there's anyway I can fix this I'm desperate or if there's any PSN worker's here who can help me I'm looking for anyway to solve this issue because the person who always gets banned or suspended is not really the bad person.. While other people like me watch the bad person get away with it
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