Account hacked, can't connect to chat support


New member
Sep 14, 2021

It's all in the title: my account has been accessed, the password has been changed, and the email address was as well. I unfortunately do not know that new address, nor do I know my PSN ID since I can't connect to my PS4 anymore. I also am not able to call PSN support since I am in quarantine and do not have access to a phone that can call internationally. I was wondering if anyone from the support team would be ok with chatting without that information - I technically would only like the changes that were made in the last 24 hours to be cancelled so that I can gain access back to my account and secure it. I am worried about the damage that may happen to my account if I don't take immediate action.

Thank you very much in advance!!
I take it there’s no local phone number of PS? Unfortunately only they can help. We’re just fellow PS users so cannot access accounts.
They would require the email address & PSN ID.

Did you have 2-step authentication activate?
Did you enter your username/email address & password on any unknown third party sites offering free PSN games or anything?