Account hacked and 2-step verification set up by hacker


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Jul 7, 2023
I have been a PSN account holder for as long as I can remember, since the PS3 days.

I received a series of emails today informing me that an unknown person from Iran had signed into my account.

They then proceeded to set up two-step verification on the account. Despite changing my password several times via a forget password link, I am unable to bypass the 2-step verification on the account that has been set up by a hacker.

This is a security risk; I have already cancelled both my debit and credit cards just in case.

Can someone please help me to regain access to my account since the PSN/Sony support sucks!?
Unfortunately if 2FA has been enabled there’s little fellow users can do if anything. I can only advise that you change all your passwords on any account connected to your PSN ID & turn on 2FA on those accounts which can use it.
Have PS support contacted you stating there’s nothing they can do or is there a delay in their reply?
@naseemlord Your account is recoverable! Sony has a process for verifying true owners of hacked accounts, and once they confirm you are the real owner, they can manually remove 2FA. Make sure to call them (do not use online chat). They will probably ask you for things like your credit card information and serial numbers/barcodes of your current or old PlayStation systems.

Please let us know how it goes.
I'm having similar problems, does anyone have a phone number to call from the UK?
You're a legend @crunchyg .. I've rung and seems the UK Support for PlayStation is +44 (0) 203 538 2665. However, they're closed at the minute and online chat still isn't connecting me with anyone. Looks like I'm stuck for the time being but thank you for the quick reply