PS1 3rd-party memory card problems


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Jul 27, 2023
Hello, a few months ago I bought a 3rd party ps1 memory card. When I plugged it into my ps1 it seemed to boot up fine, but when I clicked on the memory card option on the menu, it just freezes. I thought to plug it into my ps2 because it can read ps1 memory cards. But when I turned it on the startup sequence didn’t happen. Does anybody know what is wrong with this memory card, is it corrupted and has it damaged my consoles.
Some third-party cards have poor compatibility with consoles or different save data, and sometimes that does lead to data corruption. Another possibility is that the card you bought is not formatted properly and may work done after being formatted.

It's unlikely that the memory card damaged your PS2. Does it boot OK without the card?
Since your consoles don't recognize the card, you would need to try formatting it on someone else's PS1 or PS2. If other consoles also fail to recognize the card, you can toss it in the trash.
There is a PlayStation Memory Card Reader for the PlayStation 3,
this uses a separate USB Cord...

Why is this important to a PS1 / PS2 User?

Because it means you can use it on the Computer,
& that is important, because with a Computer,
you might be able to Format the Memory Card
if say for instance you can't plug it into your PS1 / PS2...

If the Memory Card still doesn't work on your PS1 / PS2 after?

It's probably trash then...