PS4 2 step verification


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Jan 11, 2022
My PS4 did updates this morning and now i cannot log into my network. My email address and password are fine, but i am asked for 2 step verification number, i do not have one, i never have. I have been online to find out how to create this. I have to log on to my account settings. i cannot do this as it asks for my 2SV. I do not have this !! I have tried resetting my account but guess what...i can only do this if i log in...and i can only log in with a 2SV which i do not have !!!! I have gone on to Playstation customer support to try and set up the 2SV. Guess what ? I have to log in to do this....and i cannot. I went on the screen with the BOT. All that could do is reset my password. I dont need that !!!!! What i need is to be given the 2SV number WHICH I DO NOT HAVE or to be able to set one up which i cannot, as to do this i need a 2SV to log in !!!!! What a frustrating load of time !!! I have also tried logging on via my phone and laptop and i have the same problem. The only solution i can think of is to reset to factory settings then i lose everything !! Please help. Thanks

Were you able to gain access to your play station account and how? This is so ridiculous, so many people is having this damn issue and Sony refuse to do anything about it. They are asking for information that are outdated, like the serial number of the playstation that you created your account on, and in my case that was on my ps3 which I don't have for like more than 10 years now and the last 4 digit of the credit card that I use to make purchase game online, which i don't because that card is closed. It's like they purposely trying to help so people would have repurchase the games they own digitally. I think that's a scam.