COD Corruption caused a problem logging in


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Apr 1, 2024
I have two PS5 systems next to each other so I can play with family when they are over (hate playing with a split screen)
When Family is over, they login and use their account for playing COD MW2 which they have a license for.
With them logged in, they can also play other games they have bought (digital) on their system back at their house.
When family isn't here, I change which system I log onto to make sure updates are made.
About a year ago I created another profile for myself because I had most weapons maxed out in COD MW2.
So up until last month, I have been able to log onto either PS5 at a single time with either profile and play COD MW2 (PS5 version if that matters)
Last month the COD MW2 update got corrupted on System #1 so for a week I could only play with either profile on System #2
Took me a week of different options to completely remove COD MW2 on system #1 (other games were ok) before I got it reinstalled.

Now comes the problem with COD MW2
I can play the game with my main profile, but when launching the game in my 2nd profile it asks for me to purchase the game???
I can still play the same game on system #2 with both profiles and not asked to buy it?

Any ideas would be appreciated