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  1. TheJackofSpade

    LFP Apex Legends Ranked Arena

    Hello gamers, I'm looking for a few players that are looking to rank up in the Apex Arena's. I'm totally garbage right now Top 12% in Arena Kills and trying to get that down to 5%. Not really worried about game performance as the more we play as a team the better we become. My game times are...
  2. TheJackofSpade

    Games suggest

    I'll have to check that one out. I mostly play shooters but every once and awhile I like 3rd person action.
  3. TheJackofSpade

    harassment from player

    Yeah I've had an annoying toxic kid jump into my chat after a game. Some people just reflect negative energy. Sorry mate!
  4. TheJackofSpade


    Hi everyone, i'm the Jack of Spade. I'm looking for a place to chill. I like helping people and finding solutions. So i'll be lurking around trying to help those get back on their game. Need some help, I might know just ask =)
  5. TheJackofSpade

    My ps4 DVD and blu ray don't read discs

    If you started your PS4 from scratch you'll need to update it because DVD and Blueray were patched in 1.5.
  6. TheJackofSpade

    Random shutting down

    Normally the console does this when it is put in an area that has no air flow to remove the hot air coming from the PS4 so you just sucking hot air into the PS4. For a long period of time this could cause permanent damage. I would start by replacing the power supply and fan. Also not sure where...
  7. TheJackofSpade

    Lost account

    Have you tried logging in on the PS app? I know this issue has limited options to troubleshoot. Solution might be to contact support sadly.
  8. TheJackofSpade

    PS4 Controllers wont connect

    Do they work on other devices? Do they work on another PS4? It sounds like there was a system update and now you have to remove the controllers from the system and add them back. You can do this on the ps4 app. Also if you have connected to another device like a phone then you put these...