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  1. Steve30000

    Confusion over whether free hospital parking for NHS staff to end in England Its disgusting that staff have to pay anyway, imo. ⚠️⚠️😤
  2. Steve30000

    Bugsnax Devs on Using the PS5 DualSense Seems like a fun game to play, and they're right about the tune... Its really catchy 🤣🤣
  3. Steve30000

    Horizon zero dawn,forbidden west - some of the new machines are detailed 😎 Really looking forward to play this.
  4. Steve30000

    Quite windy today

    It's always this area of the country that gets hit worst all the time. 😒
  5. Steve30000

    PS Plus

    Free PS Plus games for July 2020 are Rise of the Tomb Raider, NBA 2K20, and bonus Erica Had the tomb raider one since it first released, but it's a decent game for anyone who hasn't played it. The other two I haven't got.. Makes a change😎 See what I'm like at basketball 🏀 then. 😁
  6. Steve30000

    More indie games on the way on ps4 and ps5 😎
  7. Steve30000

    PlayStation 5 Reveal!

    Don't agree if you have to pay separately for a stand if it needs one. It should come with the console. Which would be recommended though, vertical or horizontal? You can tell it needs a lot more space around it for the fans to cool the system down
  8. Steve30000

    PS Plus

    Wonder what games they'll be offering in July? The only decent ones they've had, imo were the uncharted ones. I'd never played them before and they were brilliant games to offer in that month. Can't remember any decent games since then though.. Anyone subscribe to this service?
  9. Steve30000

    Resetting Trophy

    Didn't think you could reset them.. I thought once you achieved them, that's it, you don't get another chance?
  10. Steve30000

    Guests viewing this forum - why dont they just register and add to the forum?

    Everytime I'm on here, there always seems to be a few people viewing the threads. If you are, get yourself registered, I'm on and off here, it won't be quiet for long, will it?
  11. Steve30000

    First volunteer receives Imperial COVID-19 vaccine Hopefully, one of these vaccines works, or its going to take much longer to get over this.
  12. Steve30000

    Former PlayStation exec says AAA next-gen games may have to be shorter or cost more Don't agree with this at all. More like its just greed, no doubt we'll pay more through dlc or add ons. These are the features that should be in the game when you...
  13. Steve30000

    When are they going to release Alien Isolation 2?

    Think you're right there. I'm sure I noticed it was half price within 3 months of it going on sale. I was a bit shocked to see it on sale in that store so soon tbh
  14. Steve30000

    Welcome to PlayStation Forum!

    I'll try. Can I use this link on other forums? I think this forum is similar to a football one I sometimes use, it's very user friendly this one.
  15. Steve30000

    When are they going to release Alien Isolation 2?

    I think the fact that the other game: colonial marines was so bad, people weren't likely to trust a developer to get an alien game right again. So when isolation came out, I'd assume that most gamers wanted to wait to see what others thought of it first, and check the reviews out. That's what...
  16. Steve30000

    Got a PS3 and now it won't work

    When I get the chance, I'm going to write these things down.. And check again Obviously I've unplugged it and just use my ps4 now. If I could play ps3 discs on the ps4, there wouldn't have been a problem. Quite a few games that I can't play. Annoying
  17. Steve30000

    Welcome to PlayStation Forum!

    I'm happy to contribute. 😎😉
  18. Steve30000

    PS5 DualSense controller will change the way you play

    Do they? Oh well, I've only once ever owned an xbox, went straight back to playstation
  19. Steve30000

    New games on PS5

    Never played spiderman, but people I know rave about it..
  20. Steve30000

    Got a PS3 and now it won't work

    You know what, I think you're right... 3 times then just shuts off again.