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  1. crunchyg

    PS2 Slim disc error

    Another thing you can try is cleaning the DVD drive lens.
  2. crunchyg

    Deactivate primary PS4 for Gameshare (error NP-34958-9)

    Have you tried deactivating your primary PS4 from a web browser on your PC or phone?
  3. crunchyg

    PS2 Slim disc error

    Have you tried a lot of different discs? Are there scratches on them?
  4. crunchyg

    Does Sony read this forum?

    Sony definitely has a team that watches social media chatter about their products, and that includes forums.
  5. crunchyg

    New Moderator

    Hey all, please welcome @Anankha as a new moderator on PlayStation Forum. She is extremely knowledgeable and has helped countless people in our community with their issues. Welcome onboard, Anankha!
  6. crunchyg

    Magnifying glass logo on home page

    You might have enabled accessibility settings by accident. Try going to Settings > Accessibility and disabling them.
  7. crunchyg

    If you see spam on this forum...

    Sometimes spammers sneak links into their posts, other times they will DM users. If you see any content that breaks the rules, just use the Report button, as you see in the screenshot below, and our mods will ban the offending account.
  8. crunchyg

    Just cleaned out a lot of spam, holy crap

    Come on guys, at least send me a PM when you see a huge invasion of Viagra sellers from Thailand here.
  9. crunchyg

    Christmas 2020

    There's only so much Sony can do to prevent scalpers from buying up all the PS5 stock. And to be honest, given how profitable it is to resell these consoles, I don't really blame the scalpers either. Lots of people lost their jobs this year and need extra income to put food on the table.
  10. crunchyg

    So is anyone pre-ordering a PS5?

    You could grab a friend or family and head to the nearest big city where you can find stock on launch night. Make an adventure out of it and come home with a prize. :D
  11. crunchyg

    So is anyone pre-ordering a PS5?

    In big U.S. cities there are always a few stores that don't take pre-orders and instead sell their initial shipments to people who camp out on launch day (often at midnight). Doesn't work that way in London?
  12. crunchyg

    So is anyone pre-ordering a PS5?

    The pre-order pages are not live yet. Just landing pages at major stores that let you sign up and get notified when they start taking pre-orders.
  13. crunchyg

    So is anyone pre-ordering a PS5?

    So I am probably not going to pre-order. I see no reason for it because I just don't see this thing selling out at launch. But I am considering joining the nerds who will be camping out the night before. I always had fun at those console launches in the past, especially the ones where the...
  14. crunchyg

    What time do you wake up?

    Trying to transform myself into an early riser, and it's been really difficult. I usually watch movies or TV shows before bed, and I'm afraid I have to break up that routine completely in order to instill changes. And I signed up for swimming in the morning to make an early alarm a...
  15. crunchyg

    The PS5 game cases are underwhelming

    Seems like the marketing team at Sony just took it easy on the day they were designing PS5 game cases. All they did was make the case look less blue by making the header of the artwork insert white. The change from PS3 from PS4 was a lot more dramatic, and I expected just as cool this round.
  16. crunchyg

    PS5 Mockups Thread

    That turned out to be better than the real thing.
  17. crunchyg

    Russia plans mass vaccination campaign in October

    Sounds like they're going to test it on their doctors and teachers across the country.
  18. crunchyg

    Added a Tag function

    Yeah, that's my Friday night 😂
  19. crunchyg

    Added a Tag function

    Just added a new feature that allows you to tag any user simply by pressing the Tag button in his post. The user will be automatically tagged with the @ sign in your reply and receive a notification. You can also quickly tag multiple users! Try using this feature when replying to someone...
  20. crunchyg

    Customising PS3's

    Looks like a Lamborghini 🏎