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    Help me please.

    Tbf, he did not know what options you had tried, he was only making a suggestion. No need for the abuse. I've got problems with my own ps3 but I don't give stick to posters who are only trying to help.
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    The forest

    @Hussell, Indie game? How much is it?
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    Release date in uk for ps5 is November 19th

    Only problem now is that I can't get one anywhere, all pre order requests are fulfilled. Are people panic buying this, or are there certain people who are bulk buying these up so that they can sell them for 5 times the retail price?
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    The forest

    What game is this?
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    Release date in uk for ps5 is November 19th 🛒🏃💨
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    Evolution of playstation condoles Bought the ps1 to ps4, but never bought the portable or psx.
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    Dualshock controller won't turn on

    This has happened to me a few times, oddly enough it just reset after a while and then worked. Luckily though I have 2 controllers... Is it a new one or did you let the battery die? It tends to not connect straight away if you let it die then forget to recharge it asap
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    Fall Guys

    @Stow, the load times are probably because of the busy servers tbf.
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    Error when purchasing PS Plus

    @theoly1gaming, are you trying to get it online or at a store?
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    So is anyone pre-ordering a PS5?

    Are they taking pre orders now?
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    Fall Guys

    Lots of issues with people cheating on here... Didn't take them long to exploit the game. I've noticed it as I've been playing, some players are unusually fast, also some floating along the ground to stop them falling over. Its cheating, and if you're having to do this to get ahead in the...
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    Fall Guys

    Anyone playing this? It's a fun game, up to 60 players can play at any one time. Every time I'm on its always busy, so there must be a lot playing it all day! 🤣 I've never won yet, I always get pushed off the sides, or someone drags me back by grabbing me.. 😑
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    PlayStation account hacked - help

    Can't you live chat with them? The link is on a thread here!/ I'm sure there's a chat online option as well, it'll be better than a phone number
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    How to contact customer support? There's some numbers on there..
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    Compatability update regarding peripherals Firstly, DualShock 4 - a.k.a. the PS4 controller - can't be used on any upcoming PS5 games, with Sony stating that it wants the new titles "take advantage of the new capabilities and features we’re...