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    2 vaccines showing good data now

    Both in phase 3 trials.. Hopefully won't be long before we can get back to bumping into each other and not have ocd over cleaning everything
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    Fear of your PS5 bricking? I am😞

    There's supposed to be reported issues of problems with the rest mode as well. You'd think these issues would be the first things to be sorted before launching the console imo
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    Planet coaster - bug already

    There's a bug on this game already, it only came out on Tuesday 🙄 I'm unable to progress past a certain point now, they had better patch this soon because I'm not in the mood to spend 40 quid on this game and unable to get any further.
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    So is anyone pre-ordering a PS5?

    Definitely an upgrade.. 🤣🤣
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    Fear of your PS5 bricking? I am😞

    There should be updates incoming, surely?
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    Welcome to PlayStation Forum!

    @KJ_THE_KING, Ebay should be pulling the plug on this because it's against their terms and conditions. You actually have to have the product to sell it, you're not supposed to be selling a pre order, you haven't got it yet. But no, they let them carry on 🙄 I hope they're stuck with them
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    Upcoming Games

    @iClique, November the 19th is when it's released here. I doubt I'll get one because they'll be snapped up by the greedy scalpers
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    Welcome to PlayStation Forum!

    @KJ_THE_KING, Unlikely, because all the wannabe del boys are buying them using bots then selling them on ebay for 5 times the price. Those idiots just spoil it for the rest of us that are trying to get one.
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    So is anyone pre-ordering a PS5?

    @crunchyg, I'm further north than that. I reckon I might have to wait until Christmas or longer. I'll see if I can still put November's ps plus games onto my library on the ps4, so when I do get the ps5 I'll have those games ready to download, especially bugsnax
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    So is anyone pre-ordering a PS5?

    @crunchyg, Can't seem to get one anywhere.. Looks like it's more popular than you thought. 🙁 I'm gutted I'm not going to end up getting it on launch
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    RIP GT Sport

    Seems like a prologue game to me.. Never did buy it
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    PS Plus subscription can't be found

    You've been charged for the service, so you should receive it. I'd keep ringing them up and complaining
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    No man's sky recruitment

    Every time I've been on there, there's always someone to join in missions.
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    Will a PS5 SAVE work on a PS4 version of the same game (on a PS4)?

    Don't know if you can do that, but that sounds like a downgrade. Its like trying to play ps5 discs on a ps4, you won't be able to do it.. I'd imagine save states would be the same imo.